Code of conduct

All companies, contractors, and/or workers having a presence at a Morton Roofing customer’s home will sign and adhere to the following regulations, which are strictly enforced.

Violations will be subject to correction, expulsion, fines, contract termination and dismissal, and/or prosecution as appropriate. Contractors are fully responsible for their employees.



All personnel will refrain from any actions that are unlawful, discourteous, or offensive. They will refrain from profane or insulting language, , and not engage in any activity that could be considered a breach of peace.

Licensed/Bonded/ Insured

All will be legally and properly licensed, insured, and/or bonded as required to perform assigned work.


All products and work provided will be free of defects and workmanship and will carry a lifetime warranty except where product manufacturer's warranty differs.  This warranty does not cover normal wear, intentional damage, damage caused by neglect, nor acts of God.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Morton Roofing requires a zero tolerance Drug and Alcohol Free workplace.


All personnel will be polite and courteous to the customer.


Under no circumstances will personnel fraternize with customers or other personnel they come in contact with at the workplace.


No smoking or chewing tobacco is permitted at worksite.

Right of quiet enjoyment

All workplace environments will respect the right of quiet enjoyment. No loud radios or inappropriate music will be allowed.


All personnel will maintain a professional attitude, conduct and appearance commensurate with the worksite at all times.

Illegal Aliens

No illegal workers are allowed in the workplace.


All contractors and personnel are required to be on time as scheduled and prepared to perform their respective duties and work.

Clean up

All personnel will clean up their respective work environment at the end of each work day prior to departing the workplace, allowing for safe, clean habitation of our clients.


All personnel are subject to complete, 100% confidentiality on all information and activity pursuant to the customer and the workplace. We observe all HIPPA privacy regulations.

Morton Roofing is:

  • Professional
  • Courteous
  • Clean
  • Cheerful
  • Trustworthy
  • Loyal